Founded by paul volpe, city architecture's essense is centered on "creating enduring architecture through inspired planning."  paul's passion, values and design talent not only have guided the firm's evolution, but have helped shape cities, towns, and neighborhoods throughout the region. City architecture's unwavering commitment to his mission of "community building", established over 25 years, will proudly and firmly be continued.

In 1989, Paul founded City Architecture. The firm was established with a strong emphasis on community architecture and city planning rooted in urban redevelopment. These tenets were shaped by his service as Cleveland's Commissioner of Architecture between 1983 to 1989. While directing the planning, design, and construction of over $150M in municipal projects, Paul earned a reputation as an architect whose true passion lies in community planning and urban design. His focus on neighborhood revitalization, regardless of an initiative's scale or budget, has significantly contributed to a renewed respect and sense of pride in the City's architecture and public spaces.


Paul's emphasis on developing a "sense of place" motivates colleagues, clients and communities. Throughout his prolific career, spanning public service and private practice, his commitment to the redevelopment of core cities and neighborhoods has never wavered. His energy is contagious, and his capacity and vision have led to the design and construction of a myriad of catalytic projects. Whether through the development of a new neighborhood such as Battery Park, the reclamation and rediscovery of Lake Erie's shorelines though Cleveland's Waterfront District Plan, the introduction of new urban living options with modern townhomes throughout the city, the repurposing of a vacant big-box store as a LEED gold community center in the Collinwood neighborhood, or the resurrection of a national treasure, League Park, in the Hough Neighborhood, Paul's leadership at City Architecture has shaped the firm's design character, values, and belief in community participation in all that we do. 

City Architecture was created with a relentless commitment to plan and design projects that both complement and enhance their context. Over the past two and a half decades, we have honed a design process that is flexible, transparent, and result-driven. We start by asking the right questions. We listen, we test ideas, and ultimately, help our client realize their vision. Our success yesterday, today, and tomorrow is founded on Paul's fundamental mission of creating special places that people will identify with, remember and care for.

Together, with a sense of pride and gratitude, we constantly strive to uphold our founder's pursuit of "placemaking".