our philosophy reflects our values. we strive to achieve quality designs for the people who our collective work most impacts by emphasizing collaborative interaction and spirited participation in our process.

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We combine transformative planning principles with creative architectural design to develop projects that engage their users and enhance their context. Our ultimate goal is to create places that add value to their neighborhoods, attract new activities and inspire their communities. We believe the most successful places are defined by the people that use them, and our work focuses on creating opportunities and environments that best serve them.

Because of this, City Architecture is committed to diversity in everything we do. We recognize that through more diverse practices, we can achieve success that serves our entire community and builds toward a more pluralistic society.

We are...

     Creators who craft thoughtful, high quality projects and designs. 

     Dreamers who dare to challenge the status quo and collectively inspire change in our communities.

     Doers who do not believe that solely creating a plan is a successful outcome, but rather delivering tangible and implementable next steps.

     Innovators who seek creative solutions, sustainable measures and authentic, context-based approaches for our endeavors.

     Engagers who integrate involvement in our design processes, encouraging meaningful conversations with the people and places we work with.

We are City Architecture.